As a writer, I am a somewhat eclectic beast!

I love fantasy and will inevitable bend that way. I also love stories with heart, passion and feisty kick ass female heroines. I’m partial to a bit of magic, the supernatural and the raw power of nature. I believe in the power of human connection as a way to change the world.

To date, I’ve written screenplays, oodles of poetry (for my own enjoyment though perhaps I’ll start submitting some of that to publishers and magazines… who knows?!) and a number of children’s picture books. After being encouraged by a local publisher to pursue my work, I’ve joined the SCBWI and am attending conferences in Pacific North West and hopefully further abroad!

I’m currently submitting two of my children’s picture books to publishers and agents – MY BABY WANTS and THE DRAGON IN OUR KITCHEN. As the others are brushed up to professional standard, I’ll add their profiles.

I am also thrilled to be writing the first draft of a paranormal romance novel that I’ve had stewing around inside me for some time. More on that project as it percolates…

Working away on my novel in the blissful surrounds of C&P Coffee house… As seen on Insta @iammiristone