¬†Continuing my life long love affair with children’s picture books…

Bedtime was a special time of day in my house when I was growing up. My mum, a visual artist, loved them just as much as I did and we would pour over them for what felt like hours. My papa would even made up impromptu folksongs based on my favorite books while playing his guitar. It seemed perfectly natural when the muse, my heart and my brain started teaming up to have me write some of my own.

I have two books I’m currently submitting to publishers and agents – MY BABY WANTS and THE DRAGON IN OUR KITCHEN.

Inspired by making LIGHT ME UP (a short film about the courage of a couple who are struggling to start a family), I’m also working on a companion piece AFTER THE FLOOD. My hope is that this children’s picture book will help create¬†a way to talk about what’s going on with older siblings whose parents or family members have had a miscarriage while instilling hope for the future.

If you are in the industry and want me submit them to you for consideration, please reach out through the contact avenues on my CONTACT PAGE.