Sneak peak…

Estimated Run Time: 105 mins.

Genre: Drama / Romance / Fantasy (supernatural elements).

Logline: When she is diagnosed with terminal cancer, a palliative care nurse realizes she has put her life “on hold” to care for her beloved patients. After fleeing to a deserted beach, she meets a mercurial driftwood artist who offers her a safe haven to com

Themes: Death / grief / terminal illness. Love / courage / forgiveness. Nature / art / self expression.

What is this film about?

This film is about the grief that threatens to consume us and the ones we love when faced with our own mortality. It is a testament to how we can bring dignity and compassion to the end of a life. It explores the depths of the courage it takes to face our fate. The power of friendship to change our lives. And the gift we give ourselves if we can forgive the past faults of ourselves and others. It shows us the healing power of true self expression. The balm and inspiration to be found in nature. And it makes us question what it truly means to love. Ultimately, it is a life affirming journey which invites us to embrace what it means to be truly alive.


Reference image for inspiration. P/C: Unknown.