Inside life’s storms, we find our strength…

In A Nutshell: When her mother has an unexpected miscarriage, a 7yo girl is shaken by her mother’s grief and struggles to come to terms with this new, more fragile side of her mother. But through her mother’s next (successful) pregnancy, she learns that being open to big loss makes us open to big love, and that her mother’s perceived fragility is, in fact, her greatest strength.

AFTER THE FLOOD is about miscarriage, hope, and the strength that can be found in embracing life’s powerful emotions, like grief, as seen through the eyes of a young girl experiencing her parents struggle to grow their family.

Primary Audience: 4-9yo (particularly kids whose parents or a loved one has recently experienced a miscarriage)

Secondary Audience: Parents and their families or caregivers who are looking for a way to talk about miscarriage, rainbow babies and fertility issues with the children in their lives.

Inspiration reference image… P/C from @theatresets on Insta.

More About This Book: I was inspired to write this book after making LIGHT ME UP (a short film about the courage of a couple who are struggling to start a family). This book is somewhat of a companion piece, though the two world’s do not intersect.

One of the reasons I made this film, and am now writing this book, is because there is still somewhat of a taboo around talking about miscarriage and infant loss. As a community, I feel we have work to do on how we support those who are going through this grief and mourning the loss of their child.

On the day I wrote the first draft of this book, I was writing my morning pages and imagining how hard it would be to explain to my own children what had happened if we tried unsuccessfully to have another child. (I’m at a higher risk than most women of having miscarriages due to my diagnosis of PCOS so I have had to carry this knowledge through each pregnancy.)

My hope is that this children’s picture book will help create a way to talk about what’s going on with older siblings whose parents or family members have had a miscarriage while instilling hope for the future.

Hope comes in all shades… Inspiration reference image from my garden and as seen on Insta @iammiristone.