Babies and young children respond instinctively to the inherent musicality of language…

In A Nutshell: Using rhythm, repetition, playful sounds and a dash of humor, MY BABY WANTS creates an addictive day-in-the-life-of read for young and old.

Primary Audience: 0-3yrs.

Secondary Audience: 4-7yo (siblings with a new addition to the family).

More About This Book: As many parents and those who work in early education know, babies naturally respond to rhythm and lyrical speech. There are no rhymes in this board book but plenty of fun onomatopoeia sounds!

MY BABY WANTS was written with the following speech pattern engrained into the text. The repetition of which creates suspense and anticipation until it is broken for a moment of humor mid-read and again as the baby in the story goes to sleep…